Implants Straumann- bring back your beautiful smile

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We are an authorized institution of the Swiss Institut Straumann AG, a global leader in implant dentistry and periodontal tissue regeneration.
Implant Straumann® benefits - a simple way to make you feel young, longer:
  • improve quality of life by the most natural way of restoring teeth, chewing ability, biting, and freedom of speech,
  • extend young and healthy appearance - progressive bone loss after tooth extraction may be visible, but implants may help to stop the process leaving your facial features unchanged,
  • provide confidence in relationships; healthy and beautiful smile is your signature that helps in every situation,
  • implants reconstruct your bite and help you feel confident so you don’t have to worry about moving (wobbly) dentures or other  removable prosthesis,
  • eliminate the need for irreversible adjacent teeth grinding, which must be performed before bridge or crown placement during which healthy teeth may need to be grinded
What is an implant?
It is a smalltitanium artificial tooth root, which when placed in the bone becomes its integral part. It provides a stable base for single tooth crowns as well as larger bridges and dentures.
Titan is the only discovered to date element with two important characteristics: human body tolerates it well (does not treat it as a "foreign body"); it is highly robust and tolerates heavy pressure just like natural roots allowing for comfort biting.
At the Healthy Smile Center several implant systems are offered in varied price ranges and can be individually selected. This allows us to place implants even in the most difficult mouth conditions.