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Teeth whitening in one visit - treatment 45 - 60 min.

Anna Maciejowska, Healthy Smile Center certified hygienist

High-frequency blue light emitted by the Beyond Whitening Accelerator activates the whitening formula that contains hydrogen peroxide (H202), and silicon dioxide with special compounds. The 30 - 45 minute-long procedure oxidizes the pigmentation of 16 or more teeth, restoring it to its natural white. After using Beyond accelerator  teeth become lighter than the 5 to 14 shades of the VITA scale more ...


Prophylaxis – easy way for healthy and beautiful teeth  

Piotr Boryczka, Healthy Smile Center Dentist

We need to remember that oral health is not a given but rather a result of good oral hygiene, and regular dentist visits. To decrease the risk of developing cavities:

  • brush teeth twice daily
  • use mouthwash
  • may chew sugarless gum after meals
  • regular bi-annual dentist visits
Prophylaxis is the best and least expensive dental treatment.


Everything about dentures

Laura Czyżewska, Dentist-Prosthetist

Prosthodontics is a field dedicated to the restoration of lost tissues and structures of facial skeleton. A dental prosthesis allows to restore the optimal functioning of complex oral-musculoskeletal disorders more...


Child at the dentist

Agata Janisz, Healthy Smile Center Dentist

What to do to keep your child’s teeth healthy and beautiful?
How to get your child ready for a dentist’s visit?
Do you treat milk teeth?
Do children need to floss their teeth?
When should I check whether my child has bite defect?
You will find the answers below...