Price list of selected treatments

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Every day different patients report to us. Some require a more complex and time-consuming treatment, others, after a few fillings and beauty treatments, return only for check-ups and general tooth cleaning every six months. Each and every case, regardless of its rank, is special to us. All patients deserve individual treatment and require separate treatment plans. Before performing an accurate diagnosis it is, however, difficult to talk about cost.
Therefore, we invite you to visit us and have an appointment with one of our doctors. They will need your most recent and accurate X-rays, also they will have a look on your dental health and conditions of the oral cavity. What’s more, they will ask you a few questions in order to know your needs and expectations. On this basis, we will not only prepare an optimal treatment plan for you but also estimate cost of all procedures. Thanks to that, we will together be able to choose the best possible solution.
We would like to present to you a price list of some of our most popular procedures and treatment options:
  • Dental examination with thorough diagnostic procedures: 200 zł (+ cost of additional radiological X-ray pictures)
  • Check-up visit for kids with dental examination and occlusion assessment: 150 zł + (cost of additional radiological X-ray pictures)
  • Adaptation visit for kids without any treatment: 150 - 250 zł
  • Adaptation visit for kids with treatment performed: 150 zł (+ treatment cost)
  • Aesthetic bonding of 1 tooth (minimum 6 teeth): 800 zł
  • Light-cured composite filling in permanent teeth: from 350 to 500 zł 
  • Tooth reconstruction after endodontic treatment: from 600 zł
  • Teeth restoration using Flow Injectable Technique: from 750 zł
  • Light-cured composite filling in deciduous teeth: from 280 to 350 zł + local anaesthesia cost
  • All-porcelain or zirconia crowns: from 2400 to 3500 zł
  • Inlay/onlay: from 1700 to 1850 zł
  • Orthodontic braces (all types of brackets): from 3000 to 4000 zł
  • Orthodontic appliance “Bioblock”: from 1400 zł
  • Orthodontic follow-up appointments: from 250 to 350 zł
  • Straumann® implants with lifetime guarantee: from 3800 to 4500 zł
  • Guided bone regeneration procedures: from 1500 to 6500 zł
  • Dental prosthetics set on implants (standard abutment + crown): from 3000 to 4500 zł
  • Sub-gingival root debridement (1 quadrant): from 400 zł
  • Professional mechanical plaque removal using GBT Protocol (45-60 minutes): from 400 zł - 450 zł
  • Teeth whitening: from 1000 to 1750 zł 
  • Surgical lengthening of clinical crown: from 700 zł
  • Endodontic treatment under microscope: from 1150 to 2200 zł 
  • Deciduous tooth extraction: from 250 to 300 zł
  • Permanent tooth extraction: from 350 to 700 zł
  • Surgical extraction of impacted wisdom tooth: from 900 to 1000 zł
  • Panoramic x-ray: 120 zł
  • Panoramic cephalometric x-ray: 150 zł
  • Cone-beam computed tomography: from 180 to 350 zł
  • Computer-assisted local anaesthesia: 80 zł
  • Sedo-analgesia: from 1500 zł
***Price list updated on 28.03.2024r. 
Full price list is available at our receptionist desk. This price list does not constitute a commercial offer in the meaning of article 66 §1 of polish Civic Code.