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Personal experiences in dental offices used to vary ... Historically; dental visits were associated with discomfort, pain and uncertainty. 

Healthy Smile Center was built to completely change the historical image of unpleasant dentistry.

Our team created this state-of-art  Dental Office to ensure :

  • Individual treatment plan
  • Comfort
  • Pain free treatments
  • Education about the importance of good oral hygiene and oral health

Today, our educated patients come regularly every 6 months and bring along their families and friends. Why?

  • ...because we gathered all dental specialists in one place to provide complex yet comfortable treatments. Their knowledge, professionalism and experience are at your service.
  • ...because we treat everyone individually. From the first visit, we want you  to feel special – Your leading dentist will provide all details pertaining to your treatment and refer you to other specialists if needed.
  • ...because we respect your time. You may schedule your visit by phone or an e-mail.  Our receptionist will offer the best possible schedule and confirm your visit the day prior.
  • ...because we take full responsibility of our work and give 2-year warranty for all completed treatments.
  • ...because we will greet you with kindness, smile and unique atmosphere. You will feel comfortable in our air-conditioned office. Our receptionist will hang your  coat, offer you a drink and provide current newspaper or magazine. You may also use wireless, free internet.
  • ...because we would like you to smile and recommend our office to your family and friends. According to our ongoing surveys, 80% of our new patients were recommended by our satisfied patients. This is our pride and best reward.