Crystal teeth appliance - comfort and discretion

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Orthodontic appilance with invisible braces for 2700 zł !
Now you may straighten teeth comfortably and less expensive.  Invisible orthodontic appliance with crystal braces. Radiance will give you an instant beautiful smile.  Radiance braces help you to lead a normal life and get a smile you always dreamed of.
Latest and most advanced cosmetic braces on the market. Made of crystal clear sapphire. Incredibly smooth and transparent. They provide ideal cosmetic appearance from the first minute they are placed in. The  braces do not interfere with your ability to speak and their smooth surface allows prompt treatment. Most importantly, at the end of the treatment the braces are easily removed. A durable natural material provides consistency throughout the treatment, does not stair or loose transparency.
Appliance with Radiance braces is perfect for adults and children. It will allow you to lead a normal life, smile without embarrassment and get the result you have always dreamed of!