Complex dental care

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„Complex dental care”- what does it really mean?
Complex means full, profound and limitless….
Contemporary, advanced stomatology establishes high equipment and  the most important- human requirements. It’s essential to have experienced and talented doctors in order to treat well and fulfill dreams of a  beautiful smile.
The term  “ the dentist of everything”  became old- fashioned long time ago. Much bigger opportunities gives a team of cooperating physicians, who are specialists in narrow disciplines. Team  work gives better results, because at every stage of treatment a profesionalist  takes care of a patient and every doubt can be consulted with other experienced colleague from  the stuff.
Such complex care is what we exactly rely on in Healthy Smile Centre.

Our team consists of over a dozen experienced doctors of stomatology. Each of them specializes in different discipline and each of them performs everyday procedures and fathoms knowledge by taking part in various trainings and courses.
We have doctors of orthodontics, surgery, microscope endodontology, prosthetics, implantology, periodontology and therapy of functional disorders of the masticatory organ. In one place we gathered such numerous team to make sure that our patient gets complex and the best currently available dental care.
To conclude, complex dental care means Health Smile Centre. Like no one else we will take care of your healthy and beautiful smile!